Moving Planner

MOVING PLANNER: A Free Guide to Print and Keep

In the weeks leading up to your moving day, you'll have many things to do. This planner is to provide you a basic check-list to get through a hassle-free move. It is organized for a typical 60-90 day move, so you will need to adjust as necessary for a different time frame.

Happy Moving!

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  • Get price quotes from at least 3 professional moving companies, comparing prices, terms, liabilities, and extra charges. Book the move.
  • Have a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items.
  • Collect boxes and packing materials (avoid grocery boxes since they are usually not strong enough).


  • Start packing items you will not need before the move.
  • Contact utility companies for reference letters you might use in a new city to lower service connection deposits.
  • Notify magazine and newspaper subscriptions of new address.


  • Contact utility companies to arrange for cancellation of your current service and transfer to your new address if a local move. If moving to a new city, ask your Realtor for utility phone numbers. Use the reference letters if needed to facilitate arranging utilities at the new address.
  • Call your insurance carrier to cancel the policy for your current address effective the date of closing and arrange for insurance effective the date of closing on your new home.
  • Arrange travel plans. Book a hotel room if you will arrive before you take possession of the house. Also, make plans to transport and board pets.
  • Arrange for mail to be forwarded to your new address.
  • Pack more items you will not need before the move.
  • Contact a baby-sitter to keep small children while the movers are working in your house.


  • Pack all remaining, non-essential items. If you are removing fixtures excluded from the sale, replace them with suitable fixtures. Do not leave any open electric receptacles.
  • Call the mover to confirm moving date, or, if you are moving yourself, book a vehicle.
  • Use up as much perishable food items as you can.
  • Pack a bag with a change of clothes, medicines, toiletries, and any other items that will be needed on moving day. Include some toys for the kids!


  • Take the children to the baby sitter.
  • If moving yourself, pick up the vehicle.
  • Restrain pets in a kennel or carry case.
  • Meet the movers and provide on-the-spot instructions as needed.
  • Before leaving the house for the last time, check all rooms to be sure nothing has been left. Make arrangements with your Realtor for transfer of keys, garage door openers, etc to new owner.
  • It is a good idea before closing on your new home, that you do a walk-through with your Realtor and make sure everything is left in accordance with the sale contract. Make sure utilities are transferred effective on your closing date.
  • After closing, meet the movers at your new home and provide instructions for the placement of furnishings.
  • As soon as possible, check your possessions for damage or missing items. If anything is wrong, file a claim with the mover.

Congratulations! You made it!

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